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Production Services:

We produce what you want and how you want!!

In addition to the production of our own goods, we offer as wholesaler, Importer and Exporter, especially for special requests and large orders, the takeover of the complete service: Service product search, production monitoring, quality control, custom clearance and Transport. That means we produce products of your choice (also for products which are outside of our assortment), according to your wishes ( e.g. logo, packages, labels etc.)

With our team in the manufacturing country, we have direct access to the manufacturers, which allows us to closely monitor and influence the quality and production progress. Thanks to our excellent employee management, our team has been with us for more than 10 years and is thus, like no other, specialized in the needs of our customers.


- Depending on the item and time of the request, different minimum purchase quantities will be requested.

- Long waiting times for inquiries in the middle of the season would be expected due to the busy production line of the producers.

- The delivery takes place in most cases and due to the deadline pressure of most customers by air. In the case of orders coordinated with us in time, the goods may also be transported in our containers or as general cargo – by sea.

- We can also offer inspection service for harmful substances in certified laboratories, which would fulfill your due diligence requirements for product inspection.

- After receiving your request you will be contacted immediately for clarifying further details and to submit an offer.

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